are present in the stone.

Natural stone is a material that is found in virtually a finished form. No energy is needed for its actual manufacture,
but a small amount is used for quarrying and processing - minimal compared to the amount needed to produce other

…Environmentally Compatible
Natural stone contains no pollutants and is not combustible.

No two pieces of natural stone are identical. Natural stone is not a uniform industrial material, but a storyboard that
shows the history of its origins.

…Like Wine
Natural stone retains a natural patina and keeps its elegance with advancing years.

…Attractively Priced
Natural stone is no more expensive than other materials, if the total costs are considered over a useful life of 30+
years. The relatively high investment costs are offset by the low, long-term maintenance costs and long life.

The lifetime of natural stone is extremely long. With the right planning and construction, natural stone has been
known to survive for many thousands of years, with showing hardly any signs of wear, even after decades of use.
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